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Welcome to SM Milani Designs

My collection features robust stickers, trendy T-shirts, mesmerizing digital art, and cutting-edge press-on nails.

My journey of imagination doesn’t end here. My nail decals showcase my passion for fine details and aesthetics, ideal for enhancing any ensemble with sophistication. My eBooks cover an array of topics, promising fresh discoveries at every turn. My handcrafted coloring books offer endless hours of tranquil and creative pleasure.

Your patronage is the heartbeat of SM Milani Designs. Thank you for embracing my vision and making it a part of your story!

What people are saying

"I ordered these waterproof vinyl stickers and was very impressed with the quality and design. They are very durable and last a long time. I highly recommend the vinyl stickers."

— David in Minnisota

"The press-on nails are very durable and I've had mine for over a year. I still use them going on my 5th use. The artwork is amazing and I love the quality of the products used. I purchase a set at least twice a month."

— Coleen in New York

"I love these nails so pretty and colorful. They lasted for 3 weeks and I saved then to reuse. I will be purchasing more."

— Jessica from Florida

"For my wife’s birthday, I surprised her with an 8 x 10 canvas from SM Milani Designs, called “Echos of the Ancestors”. She loved everything about it: the vivid colors, the sturdy canvas, the intricate detail, and the stunning design. It was a perfect gift for her, and I can’t wait to buy more art from this talented artist."

— Randy in New York

"I purchased the eBook on how to launch a nail decal business and it was a great investment. It included three easy-to-use nail decal templates for Canva, a template for pricing, a template for posting, a mini planner, and many other useful resources. It gave me a lot of information on how and where to find the materials I needed to get started."

— Robin in Tennessee

"I ordered an 8 x 10 name art print and I was very impressed with the quality . It was personalized with my name with vibrant colors and it looked beautiful on my wall. Stephanie was very friendly and helpful, and the shipping was fast. I would highly recommend SM Milani Designs to anyone looking for a unique and meaningful gift."

— Sarah in Wyoming

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