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Nails by SM Milani Designs

“My press on nails are designed with precision and elegance and offer an effortless solution for individuals seeking a salon-quality experience at home. Each nail set is hand crafted with care, ensuring durability and a perfect fit, while offering longevity, lasting between 2 to 4 weeks. The reusable nature of my press-on nails ensures that you can enjoy a salon-quality experience time and again. My diverse range of designs allow you to express your personal style with confidence, sophistication, and the comfort of your own home. I believe that luxury is in each detail and in providing beauty solutions that are as practical as they are luxurious.”

Why Press On Nail's


Apply them within minutes instead of sitting for hours in a salon. Super easy to remove with just water and dish soap.


My prices are budget friendly and always include free shipping. Prices range from $15 and up depending on the design and length you desire.


My press on nails are reusable up to 3 or more times and last 2 or more weeks if applied correctly.

High Quality

I use soft gel tips made with high quality gel and acrylic. They don't snap or break like drug store, plastic, machine made press on nails.

What you recieve with every order:

10 nails

1 application kit per order that includes a file, a buffer, alcohol pads, a cuticle pusher, nail glue, a random scent cuticle oil pen, and a few sticky tabs for temporary wear

If you order more than one set, I will include more glue and sticky tabs.

Custom Order

Before you place your custom order take a look below at my Nail Gallery of my past designs. Once you fill out the form below, I will send you an email with what I need to give you a complete and accurate quote.

Custom Nail Order

Please fill out this form and I will send you an email with all the information I will need to give you a custom quote. Please let me know if you would like information on my payment options. You can also email me at

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